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The Fellowship of Evangelical Children’s Workers was born in 1992 out of the knowledge that children’s evangelists tend to be a rather independent lot. We believed there was a need for us to foster the feeling of working together and networking, rather than the tendency to look upon each other as competition.

In order to accomplish this, Wayne Bertness spent many hours and many dollars on the phone, talking to every children’s speaker he heard about, and compiling the most comprehensive list of children’s speakers in Canada. The main focus at that time was trying to interest them in a joint advertising project, the FECW Directory, which was sent, free of charge, to every evangelical church in Canada for we could find an address. The Bertness Family did the phoning, organizing and layout every year as a ministry, absorbing printing and mailing costs that were often more than what came in from those who advertised.

Several years later, a national board was set up for FECW in British Columbia, Canada, and, in time, provincial FECW boards were set up in BC, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario, as the Bertness Family traveled across Canada each year, making more contacts. These boards were to be a receipting agency for those who needed it, they were to organize yearly (or more) mini-conventions for children’s workers in their province at which retiring workers were to be honoured, and they were to recruit and network with new children’s speakers.

Due to the independence earlier mentioned, however, there seemed to be a lack of interest in most everything except the directory. As a result, every board except the Alberta FECW closed down. They are still a faithful support organization for several children’s speakers, and could really use some support, if the Lord lays that on your heart.

Once again, the directory became the main focus, right at the time that the internet was exploding. The decision was made not to print and send directories anymore, but to create and maintain a website where children’s speakers could be listed from all over the world, and the whole could be searched or downloaded for use by churches. This was done, but there were some difficulties with maintenance, so we are trying a new format. We hope and pray this will work out better, to be a valuable tool for churches and a valuable ministry to children’s speakers.
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